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  1.           »  K.V. Lakshmi, et al. “DIGITAL WATERMARKING TECHNIQUE USING 3 LEVEL DWT” in the National seminar on “IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON RURAL INDIA ”sponsored by UGC in collaboration with computer society of India & ISRO,Organized by M.C.A ,K.B.N.COLLEGE, Vijayawada on  8th&9th july 2011.
  2.           »  K.V. Lakshmi, et al.  one day National Seminar “ADVANCES IN NETWORK SECURITY” on 27th May 2011 Organized by department of M.C.A, Maharajah’s Post Graduate College-Vizianagaram. Participated in National Seminar on “TRANSLATION RESEARCH IN BIOINFORMATICS & T2DM (NSTRBIT-2011)”


    •           »  Participated a one day national workshop on “open source technologies” organized by department of it,cse & m.c.a vignan’s institute of information technology on 30th april 2011.
    •            »  Participated a one day workshop on “ next generation internet protocol-the challenges ahead(ipv6) ” organized by “computer society of India Visakhapatnam chapter & BSNL” on 5th may 2011.
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